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If you haven’t figured it out by now, updates will no longer be on a bi-weekly basis. I’m sooooo lazy. And yeah, that direct download bit went down the drain, so we’re stuck with Yahoo Briefcase for now. Sorry, people.

Current Theme: Speak Like a Child (songs with child singers and whatnot)

Yahoo Briefcase

Login: mlafide
Password: mfmusic


Title: Double Trouble
Artist: John Williams
Series: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Length: 1:34 / :53
Comments: Two versions of the song; the high quality official and the lower quality trailer ripped version. Only because I like the trailer version better, but didn’t want to deprive people of the clean, real version. Anyway, the classic Macbeth ‘Double Double Toil and Trouble’ ditty, which is a staple in crappy Halloween movies across the universe. I think the Olsen Twins even utilized it at one point. To the point, rehashed, but disturbingly catchy in that British choirboy sort of way.
Double double, toil and trouble / fire burn and cauldron bubble / double double, toil and trouble / something wicked this way comes

Title: Star-Stealing Girl
Artist: --
Series: Chrono Cross
Length: 3:48
Comments: Chrono Cross isn’t exactly my favorite game, but damn does it have pretty music. A melancholy piano piece that features a young child singing an incomprehensible tune (well, actually, it’s a kid going la la la, but that doesn’t sound as nice, now does it?).

Title: Nausicaa Requiem
Artist: Joe Hisaishi
Series: Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind
Length: 2:55
Comments: Nausicaa was the first Miyazaki film I ever saw and actually one of the first animes as well. Ok, so I’ve only seen Warriors of the Wind, with its painfully bad dubbing and hilarious 80s Sci-Fi novel VHS box, but I love it no less and am anxiously awaiting the 2004 dub to be released. Anyway, this is played somewhere around when the baby Ohmu is using its wiggy healing tentacle things on Nausicaa’s injuries. The actual “child” part doesn’t roll in until about 1:20 or so, but I couldn’t bear to cut any of the earlier music. Like Star-Stealing Girl it’s a very young child la la la-ing, and I actually think of this whenever I listen to SSG. It’s the original la la la song. Just a wee bit haunting, like, “Hello, Children of the Corn!” and the ending is painfully abrupt.

Title: Wo Qui Non Coin
Artist: Aoi Tada
Series: Cowboy Bebop
Length: 3:43
Comments: I’m not sure if I uploaded this one yet. o_o Ah well. It’s featured in Hard Luck Woman, and Ed hums in the episode trailer at the end of Brain Scratch as well. I believe it’s sung in Japanese, then again in French, something about a lost puppy? Cute.

ame no hi mo kaze no hi mo / mainichi sabo shite / ageru / dakara hayaku, hayaku kaete kite // rainy days and windy days / but everyday I know / I want you / so hurry, come back

Title: Clóe
Artist: Yoko Kanno, Chinatsu Yamamoto
Series: Arjuna
Length: 3:21
Comments: The intro of this reminds me of those Citizen’s Bank commercials that are “based on a true story.” Anyway, a very light hearted, very pretty song with of course a child singing, backed by a piano. To me the very epitome of innocence, but it could very well be the backdrop for a scene with exploding zombies.

Maybe I’ve been listening to Green Bird a smidge too much.

-No playlist, ‘cause I’ll track down stuff whether I have it or not.
-Use the comments to ask for stuff. I don’t mind if you ask for more than one thing, but if others are requesting, I’ll only grab your first choice. Don’t worry, we’ll eventually get to everything.
-If there’s something you want to upload that fits the theme, and there’s room, feel free. Just drop a comment so others can enjoy.

-Still testing for length and size, but at this point, I’d say no longer than three minutes or so.
-Specify what you want in as much detail from the DVD list.
-If anime, choose subbed or dubbed. Otherwise kept dubbed as default.

On a secondary note, some minor new shit added to the DVD list, as indicated in bold. And comment, plz. It makes us warm and fuzzy to know that people are actually downloading, and will encourage more frequent updates.
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