Clear Driver (chocochick) wrote in shikinouta,
Clear Driver

Shinobi's back...

Hey, I'm back and fufilling a request. Expect a real update sometime soon. Notice: Yahoo is being crazy slow for some reason.

To Download go here:
Login: shikimuse
PW: shikibaby
To Save: Right Click “Download to Disk/Desktop”

"Real Emotion (Opening Karaoke)" - from Final Fantasy X-2

This poppy-upbeat song serves as the opening song for the game, and the choreographed dance that goes along with it is now a crowd pleaser at cons across the US. The only bad thing about this song (That I trimmed myself) is that there's no way to make the transition from the first verse and chorus to the gutair solo part, smooth. After listening to the song with vocals, I realized the transition isn't smooth there either, but it's less noticeable because of the singing. Tricky...

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