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"There's Beauty In The Breakdown"

This week’s update is special in that it’s dedicated to one band: Frou Frou. You may have heard them on the Garden State or Shrek 2 soundtracks. Imogen and Guy Sigsworth make up this singer-songwriter duo from England. Their unique style sets them apart from the current mainstream rush of hip-hop and Punk. Anyone who is interested in escaping to a different kind of music should give them a try.

To Download go here:
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1. “Let Go” - From the Garden State O.S.T. and the Details CD 4:14

This song starts off sounding like it’s going to have an Asian style to it, but switches the sound to a quartet and mixes with a light synth beat. The mood of “Let Go” can be described as the feeling you get when you’re having a bad day, but are too tired to be angry. “Let Go” also has lyrics that showcase the duo’s writing skill.
Drink up baby down... Are you in or are you out?... Leave your things behind... 'Cause it's all going off without you... Excuse me too busy you're writing a tragedy... These mess-ups... You bubble-wrap... When you've no idea what you're like

2. “Old Piano” - From the Details CD 5:09

OK, so it’s not a part of the unintended weekly Yoko Kanno song, but it very well could be. It starts quiet with a simple piano melody that is later joined by a saxophone. The song sounds like something off of the Wolf’s Rain OST, with a little Bebop in it’s blood. The song’s consistency in volume and instruments make it easy to listen to and serves as great background music to writing or drawing.
What's that you're saying there... Oh well... Rain rushing window pain... Oh well... Can't see what space i'm in... Oh well... But i'm safe inside me here... Oh well

3. “Breathe In” - From the Details CD 4:28

“Breathe In” is the pop-iest song on the CD, but is far from being the overproduced, lyrical disaster that most pop songs in the mainstream are today. “Breathe In” is uplifting but manages to escape becoming an effervescent anthem of teenage love. If you’re looking for something simple but cheery, give this one a go.
I - read you - and god i'm good at it - i'm so spot on
Chord - shapes in air - go press that dissonance - if you dare
And you - breathing in - finesse an innocent
From her partying

4. “Close Up” - From the HMV Rock Playlist CD 4:21

“Close Up” is the hardest sounding song on this CD. This song sounds like it could come from a Garbage CD, but I prefer Imogen’s vocals to Shirly Manson. While most of the tracks are relatively quiet, this one is a little bolder and louder, which suits the duo just fine. This song also manages to escape the usual, “Angst-I love you, I hate you-” stereotype that reigns in this class of sound.
Is this a feeling of something About to happen?... Like snapping out of something i didn't realize i was in... Was I sleeping?... What?... How can you be so sure... If you've never been here before?... I don't understand,... It can't be that easy.
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